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    Dribble, Taco & Chicken Nugget

    April 25th, 2013

    THIS is why naming beings is not left to toddlers. If we got a kitty and left naming it to the boys, apparently it would end up with one of the names above.

    “Dribble” and “Taco” were contributions from G. S2 pitched in with “Chicken Nugget”.

    With that said, we are preparing ourselves for a four legged family member to join us. We’ve been approved by one shelter (which what was quite an elaborate interview process), and now we’re waiting to get matched up.

    I’m finding myself moving away from the supper small kitties and starting to consider boys (or girls) between 1 & 2. I’m a bit surprised to see myself evolve like this, but there are definitely advantages to a more mature animal that I was overlooking. Of course, I’m a bit scared of a settled temperament, and unknown medical history, but I’m a lot more anxious about two cats in our home right away, which is a requirement for that shelter’s baby-kitten adoption.

    So yeah… while we look, got any names to recommend?


    April 22nd, 2013

    It’s what G calls his testicles. He refers to his penis as such, but the remaining surrounding goods are the “peanuts”.

    I, honestly, do not have the heart to correct him. I laugh, on the inside, every time he says it, and I’m just not ready to give it up.

    Movie Monday (aka Spring Sing)

    April 21st, 2013

    This past Friday was the kids’ preschool annual Spring Sing.  Both our monkeys “performed”. I’m quoting performed here, because as soon as S2 got on stage he froze-up. Yep, my balls-out, happy-go-lucky kid has stage-fright. So much so that one of his teachers had to move his limbs around. For his set, G chewed on his hands the whole time.

    The performance itself sounded marginally worse than a chorus of cats in hear. But I love it! Because they’re my kids… and I gotta ;p Now I’m making you watch it too.

    Preschool class


    Pre-K class


    Someone is happy with his balloon snake:

    A rare sighting of the elusive eating G

    The balloon pop game. G got a ball.

    S2 chose himself a rubber duck

    That he proceeded to shove as far back into his mouth (to itch those pesky molars)

    A stage-full of performing monkeys

    Note the frozen one on the right

    G and one of his BFFs

    Pre-K class


    April 18th, 2013

    S2 often replaces Ks with Ts when he speaks.

    Cow is Tow

    Okay is Oh-tay!

    Corn is Torn

    and my personal favorite: Cookie is Tookie


    I know he’ll “fix” this in just a few years, so I want to remember him just as he is right now

    The new deal

    April 16th, 2013

    Last night G tried to strike a deal. Three stories to be read last night (usually we do two), in exchange for only 1 story be read to him the following time. I’ll commend him on being actually even overall, but I fully believe he’s a big, fat liar and totally doesn’t intend to follow-through on his promise. So I recorded it. You can hear his “i so don’t mean what I say” giggle while he talks too ;p


    I’m a sucker, though, so I don’t see myself sticking to this deal either though. Especially since books are involved.

    Foto Friday (aka the Jammies Chapter)

    April 11th, 2013

    This is S2 sleeping on his floor tonight. No crib for him tonight 🙁 The end of that crib is nearer and nearer.

    Easter Egg Hunt Foto Friday

    April 5th, 2013

    Empty nest syndrome

    April 2nd, 2013

    There’s a bunch of baby stuff tucked away in random corners of our home. It’s not being used, and it needs to be passed on, but 1) my body is just so used to it’s presence I don’t even notice it, and 2) it kind of makes me sad to let it go. There are some things I was happy to part with: space taking bouncers, jumperoo’s and swings. But now we’re getting down to some good, sentimental stuff.

    The baby bath-tub. It was a second hand purchase (and boy has it paid for itself many times over), but it was one of my favorite times to have with S2. I even asked Kelly M to photograph a (totally staged) bath-time because it was so special to me.

    The crib mobile. Ok, I won’t lie, we’ve actually been through 3 of these suckers now, but it wasn’t until literally a month ago I finally took off the last one off S2’s crib. Neither of the boys were particularly in love with them, but it was what I used to gauge if they were awake or asleep from the baby video monitor in my bedroom. And at 2am in the morning, when I’d wake up in a panic wondering if my kid is still breathing, that baby monitor & mobile duo assured me all was well, when the boys would kick and it would rattle. (Although, I’m not ashamed to admit I’d walk over to the nursery anyway, and put my hand over their bellies just to make sure they were breathing).

    The cloth diapers. Man, do I wish I could say that S2 has reached potty training success. We haven’t even started. But we kinda quit on the cloth diapers. I’m sad to part with them though, because it’s finally admitting being a quitter. Plus somehow I can hold onto my green-parent righteousness by just having them in the house? Maybe? Ok, maybe not.

    The crib. Ok — that one is thankfully still around right now, but I know it’s days are numbered. We’ve caught S2 mounting a leg over it, so I know it’s only a matter of time, before it’s gotta go. I’m looking forward to snuggled in a big boy bed with him, but damn, this is just such a symbol of an era.

    I’ve purged clothes and toys without much fanfare, so I’m a bit surprised these guys are so hard to let go of. In a way it’s premature onset Empty Nest Syndrome. Sure S2 was screaming his head off in an infamous terrible two’s tantrum earlier tonight, but my babies are babies no more and I’m not ready to move on.

    … but not enough to consider increasing the party size… to be clear.

    The future of Egg Hunting

    April 1st, 2013

    We didn’t do egg hunts when I was growing up. It just wasn’t a Bulgarian tradition. But I see the fun in it, and the possibilities for it as the kids grow.

    Today, I started thinking how the egg hunt can evolve with them growing up. I’m thinking a “real world” egg hunt. You know… put some fun surprises in some eggs, and some not-so-fun surprises in others. Life’s surprises aren’t always treats, so why not make Easter reflect that?

    So I’m thinking put chores in some of the eggs. Like “scrub bathroom tile grout”, “organize garage”, or “wash windows”. To make the game still worth playing, add a couple of awesome surprises, like a new X-Box (or whatever they’ll be playing).

    What do you think? Devious and fun enough?

    Movie Monday

    April 1st, 2013

    G and his quiet-time fortress: