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    B is for “belligerent”. It means I’m smart

    May 12th, 2019

    For Mother’s Day, G’s class assignment was to write a poem describing me with each letter of alphabet. He shared his poem with me, and I had the joy of reading it, while at work…. and busting out laughing. Here’s my poem.

    ABC to my mom

    A:awesome. You are very awesome to me.

    B:Belligerent. You are very smart.

    C:Casual. You do not get mad a lot

    D:Dandy fine.youare very good.

    E:excellent you are a excellent

    F:fair. You are always fair to me and storm

    G:glorious.you are very glorious to me

    H:Hard-working.you are very hard working

    I:laughable.you make good jokes

    J:Jesting you are very humorous

    K:Kempt you like to be neat

    L:love i love you a lot

    M:mom. You are mom only mom

    N:nice you are nice

    O:Obliging you are very helpful

    P:Patient you wait for me and my bother

    Q:quiet you can sneek up on me

    R:Radiant you are very yoyful

    S:smal you are not that tall

    T:tea you like to drink tea

    U:ultra you do a lot of thungs

    V:very nice i do know that i alrdy did it but stiy you are nice

    W:wine.you and dad like wine

    X:x.x amsome you are doble amsome

    Y:youthful.you are very young

    Z:Zappy you have a lot of eangy.

    My favorite part was “B”. I mean… I can absolutely BE belligerent, though I usually I try to keep that in check.
    It’s now a running joke around these here parts. I’ve proposed other “b” words…. like “brainy”, but he’s preferring to keep with belligerent. 🙂

    How often do you floss?

    May 10th, 2019

    The kids had their regular dentist appointment this week. During their exam, Shane was privy to the following exchange:

    DDS: Do you floss?

    Storm: Yes!

    Shane: [really?!?!?]

    DDS: How often do you floss?

    Storm: Every day!

    Storm: [gets up and performs the floss dance]

    DDS: Yeah…. we get this a lot now

    Insert face-palm here.