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    Two teens!

    Storm is now 13, so we officially have nothing but teens in our house.

    Me: How old are you about to be?
    Storm: 13

    Me: What is your favorite color
    Storm: Gray

    Me: Who is your best friend?
    Storm: I don’t have one
    Me: Do you have many best friends then?
    Storm: I don’t know who
    Me: Alright! Which people do you like hanging out with?
    Storm: I don’t know. Depends on the day.
    Me: Ok. Most days, name some people that you enjoy being around
    Storm: Uuuuuugh. I don’t feel like saying. Maybe next year

    Me: What do you like to do with your friends?
    Storm: Play games
    Me: Which games
    Storm: Any
    Me: Tic-tac-toe!
    Storm: No
    Me: Ha! So… not any?
    Storm: Video games, ok? Not blacksmith games like you grew up with.
    Me: Alright, so video games you like Ms. Pacman
    Storm: Ok, as I just stated, games that weren’t alive/weren’t created in the dark ages

    Me: Alright. What are you doing right now? [because he was]
    Storm: Making a texture of something
    Me: A texture for what
    Storm: A thing
    Me: What is the thing?
    Storm: A lot of things
    Me: Elaborate please
    Storm: Tools
    Me: What kind of tools? that looks like a shovel
    Storm: It’s golden
    Me: Is it a golden shovel?
    Storm: Yes
    Me: For Minecraft?
    Storm: Yep
    Me: Are you going to sell it?
    Storm: When I can
    Me: Is anyone commissioning this one for you?
    Storm: Nope
    Me: Ok. When you sell it, how much are you going to sell it for?
    Storm: I don’t know
    Me: What was the last thing you sold worth?
    Storm: I haven’t sold anything yet because I haven’t entered the partner program
    Me: I see. Do you have to be a certain age to enter the partner program
    Storm: No. They just haven’t sent me the link because they ghosted me fo the past… (check this) 10 days. So I have no clue if they just forgot
    Me: You can try again
    Storm: Ya, I guess

    Me: What is your favorite book?
    Storm: I don’t read

    Me: What is your favorite movie or TV show?
    Storm: Breaking Bad
    Me: That is not true!
    Storm: Yes it is! Stop me!
    Me: Ok; tell me what happens in the first episode
    Storm: Ok, so this man finds out he has cancer. Then he says “We must cook Jessie!” and then he cooks meth
    Me: We must cook Jessie?
    Storm: Yea. Ya, that’s the name fo the kid that he cooks with.
    Me: I’m a little disturbed that you know this. How long ago did you start watching Breaking Bad
    Storm: Oh, I haven’t
    Me: Liar!
    Storm: What do you mean liar?
    Me: The fact that you just told me you watched Breaking Bad makes you a liar pants.
    Storm: But I haven’t watched it, though!
    Me: I thought that Gravity Falls would have been one of your favorite TV shows
    Storm: Why?
    Me: You telling me it’s not?
    Storm: No. I’m just confused. A boy can’t be confused of his mother’s oppinion?
    Me: 100%, totally, right. So can I ask the question again?
    Storm: Si!
    Me: What is your favorite TV show or movie?
    Storm: I still don’t know

    Me: What’s your favorite animal?
    Storm: The crow!
    Me: Why do you like the crow?
    Storm: It’s an interesting animal
    Me: What’s your favorite thing about them?
    Storm: They’re smart
    Me: They are very smart!

    Me: What’s your favorite food to eat?
    Storm: Chips! They are easy to get an eat. But the only way I get them is if I specifically ask you to buy them.
    Me: Ya, they’re just not part of my vernacular to make sure we always stock up in the house
    Storm: Then put them in there
    Me: That’s just not how my brain works

    Me: Do you like ice cream?
    Storm: Yes
    Me: What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
    Storm: Cookies & cream

    Me: What’s your favorite outfit to wear?
    Storm: Long or short sleeved shirt; hoodie; pants.. long sleeved pants and socks … and you know … the other things
    Me: Long sleeved pants?
    Storm: Long pants!!!
    Me: But more specifically, your pants have to be cozy pants. They can’t be jeans or anything else.
    Storm: Yes

    Me: Who is your biggest hero?
    Storm: I don’t know

    Me: What are you really good at?
    Storm: Art. Especially pixel art

    Me: Where do you wish you could go on vacation?
    Storm: The UK

    Me: If you had a $1000 what would you buy with it?
    Storm: Stocks? I dunno
    Me: Really? What kind of stocks?
    Storm: Depends… on how risky I feel that day
    Me: How risky are you feeling right now?
    Storm: I say we shove it all in Bitcoin and wait
    Me: And hope it goes back up?
    Storm: Yep!

    Me: What do you want to do when you grow up?
    Storm: I have no clue!

    Me: What do you hope to do before you turn 14?
    Storm: I don’t know!

    Me: Give me a piece of advice
    Storm: No
    Me: You don’t have any advice for me?
    Storm: You’re older and wiser. I think it would be a bit worrying if I did have advice for you
    Me: Hey , everyone can teach someone something

    Me: What is your favorite subject at school these days?
    Storm: Math

    Me: Who is your favorite educator?
    Storm: Inga

    Me: Who is your least favorite educator?
    Storm: No comment
    Me: I think I know. Starts with an E maybe?
    Storm: Yerp
    Me: Subject starts with an L?
    Storm: No!
    Me: Really? S?
    Storm: Ya
    Me: Really? That surprises me

    Me: Share something from the last year that you remember. Like a memory of some sort. Could something as little as “Hey that one time I went out for lunch with my friends on a Wednesday.”
    Storm: Ya, that! That. Wednesday
    Me: Wednesdays are something you want to remember.
    Storm: Ya; it’s an easy. It’s an entire lunch that I don’t have to deal with you or school. It’s really interesting and actually fun.
    Me: But you do deal w/ me on a Wed
    Storm: Ya! When we’re actually done
    Me: What do you and your friends like to do on a Wednesday when you do go out?
    Storm: Eat. And hang out at the library. Talking and playing games

    Me: What has been your favorite trip this year?
    Storm: Spain
    Me: What about Spain left an impression on you
    Storm: It was a new place
    Me: So was Arizona. Eh. Kinda
    Storm: it was on a … that was this year?
    Me: Yes
    Storm: Eh. Ok

    Me: What was your least favorite trip this year?
    Storm: Hawaii
    Me: Why?
    Storm: Power went out like the second day
    Me: Ya, that kind of sucked. Have you liked Hawaii in the past
    Storm: Yes
    Me: Do you want to go again?
    Storm: Probably not the same island. Because it probably won’t be intact
    Me: They’re making improvements. But if you had the opportunity to go again, would you?
    Storm: Yes. And I know most likely when we’re going to go
    Me: Maybe not this year?
    Storm: Wow. Really? Of course not this year, because it already happened
    Me: Well. I meant in the next calendar year
    Storm: Ya; ok
    Me: Mainly because of Norway and all that
    Storm: Yes, that makes a big dent or a big whole in the wallet
    Me: Are you looking forward to Norway?
    Storm: I dunno. I’m questioning learning Norwegian just to make fun of Griffin
    Me: Really? How are you going to learn Norwegian? Duolingo has Norwegian?
    Storm: I have no clue -because, of course they put it in that native language

    Me: Ya; that’s kind of rough. I think those are my questions
    Storm: That’s it
    Me: Ya. Is there anything else you want to share though?
    Storm: No. Just know that as soon as I wake up you’re getting a tap on your shoulder asking for the gift you got me. Ok?
    Me: Oh. That reminds me. I should put it into a bag, huh?
    Storm: Ya. Because if it’s headphones I’m going to want that first.
    Me: Oh! If it’s not?
    Storm: I’m still going to want your gift
    Me: Ok. Huugs and kisses. I can’t package that.

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