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    Dickens Fair

    November 25th, 2018

    First time at Dickens Fair with the kids.






    Donuts. A legit birthday treat

    November 12th, 2018

    Storm’s birthday party this year was at Sports House… celebrated with GaGa Ball, soccer, pizza and donuts.

    I legit wish I could explain GaGa ball. It’s like dodge-ball, in an enclosed arena, where you’re trying to be the last man standing, but can’t hit others directly. Storm requested it. Apparently Sports House introduced it over summer camps, but it’s not one of their standard activities. They used his party as a try to see if they can make it work as part of regular party bookings. Not sure what ultimately SH will decide there, but Storm’s guests seemed to enjoy it.





















    November 1st, 2018

    We have surpassed the age of 7 today, and the youngest human in our brood wakes up as an 8-yr old today. This kid has been calling out that he couldn’t wait ’till Thursday every day this week. For real — he didn’t even blink twice for Candy Debauchery Day (aka Halloween).


    Today you wake up 48″ tall and 50.7lb (though that’s with street-clothes on, so let’s take a pound off!). You continue to be a creative thinker and a happy soul. Please, don’t lose that. I love that I can find you singing to yourself while you are playing, or that you break out in a dance while randomly waiting in line at the store. PS — you’re a pretty good dancer! You’ve got a little mischief in ya’, but it’s (usually) in good nature, paired with good humor.

    [vimeo 298315646 w=640&h=385]

    What is your name?
    What is your full name?
    Do you know what the V stands for?
    Ya. Viktor!!!
    What do you wish it stands for? ….Or if you like what it stands for that’s cool too.
    How old are you about to be?
    What is you favorite color?
    Who is your best friend?
    So.hard.to.choose.from. Owen
    Who are your other friends that you would have chosen?
    Owen, Ethan, Jacques, Darren, Owen, Mason, DeclanThat’s a lot of friendsExactlyThat’s great! I’m really happy to hear you have so many friends
    What do you like to do with your friends?
    What kind of play
    What kind of games
    Level games
    Level games?
    Like you level up until this one monster and then you keep leveling up
    How do you play that?
    It’s like a fishing game
    In person?
    No, not with real fishing. We, we play with sticks… a bunch of jobs
    Oh, with your sticks?
    Ya. We,.. there’s one fisher, one mob, one villager, one trader… and… one…. a bunch of jobs
    What is you favorite book?
    Ah. Ok. I have a cross between two
    Go ahead. Tell me both
    Ughmn. Dragaon… it’s a series. Dragon Masters and…. Little Legends
    What is your favorite movie or TV show?
    What is your favorite animal?
    Animal. Animal. Animal. Depends. Does it have to be alive today?
    Ok. Uhmn. Then the Meg
    Yah. The Megalodon
    Oh. OK!
    What is your favorite food to eat?
    Favorite food… waffles!!
    What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
    Cookies and cream
    That is a really good flavor!
    What is your favorite toy?
    I don’t play with toys that much… other than Legos
    What is your favorite outfit?
    Ya, what’s your favorite thing to wear?
    Lol! Truer words have never been spoken
    What song do you love?
    So many!!! I’ll tell you the top three
    I’d love the top three
    “The middle”. “God’s plan”. “Friends”
    Who is your biggest hero?
    My mom!
    Oh my God. Why? Why am I your favorite hero?
    You help me a lot.
    Thank you! You’re making me cry
    What are you really good at?
    Reading. Reading. Writing and Art
    Where do you wish you could go on vacation?
    Ugh! So far though. Korea.
    Korea? Really? Tell me why.
    Because one of my friends lives there, and I’d like to see what it’s like there.
    That’s kind of cool! I can show you some pictures if you want to see!
    What would you buy if you had $1000?
    Nothing. I would save it up for a lot more
    Ha! Ok. If you had 1M what would you buy?
    A house. For shelter
    A house for shelter? That’s actually a really good investment.
    If you could have a wish, what would it be?
    Can I have a house. [giggles]
    Can I have a pool?
    Ok??? No. You can’t. But that can be your wish.
    What do you want to do when you grow up?
    Aw, man! Write a book
    What do you think the book would be about?
    Like a series of mythical creatures. I might even turn it into a show!
    That sounds fun!
    What do you hope to do before you turn (X+1)?
    What do I hope to do? Surf!
    Did you say Surf?
    That’s a pretty good goal!Go once? Or go more than once?
    More than once!
    Wow! That’s an aggressive goal
    Give me a piece of advice…
    For what?
    For anything. Like tell me something wise
    Don’t get drunk!
    Lol! Yah. That’s a pretty good piece of advice. Alright we’re done now. Thanx, buddy!