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    October 31st, 2016


    Our littlest is 6 today.

    I showed him his 6th year video, and after we watched several from years past. It moments like that when I realize just how much he’s grown. He’s gone from a Lego obsessed, costume wearing, Christmas-music listening, snuggly, picky eater to a Lego obsessed, story-writing, snuggly, picky eater. Ok, so maybe not too much has changed 🙂

    This past year Storm experienced quite a few milestone firsts: first bike riding, kindergarten, first sports team, and first trips to some cool vacation destinations. It’s been a big year for sure. See some highlights here:

    Now… onto

    What is your name?
    What is your full name?
    Storm V R************
    Do YOU know what the V stands for?

    How old are you about to be?

    What’s your favorite color?
    What does turquoise look like?
    It’s like… it’s green. To make the color, equal yellow and blue together.
    Really? How do you know that?
    I tried it!
    Did you know that turquoise was one of my favorite colors when I was your age?
    Actually, turquoise is not my best, best color. Taze blue is my favorite color.
    Oh wow! Say that again!?!
    Taze Blue
    Taze Blue? (anyone getting flashbacks of the Yao Ming AMEX commercial here?)
    You, you say Tay- then, you say—
    I’ve never heard of this color. How did you hear about it?
    It’s actually some of the Lego boxes — they tell you the colors. And there’s this one color. It’s taze blue. It’s the awesomest blue I saw. It’s pretty awesome.

    Who is your best friend?
    I have pretty much three.
    You have three best friends? Alright who are your best friends?
    One is Parker. Danny. Who is the next one? Who is it? Oh yeah — Dominic and Justin.
    That makes four. Ok!
    No! No! No! No! It equals three because Dominic and Justin are twins.
    [laugh] But they’re not the same person!

    What is your favorite book?
    I don’t know the title, but I like it.
    Why don’t you tell me what it’s about? Maybe I’ll remember the title.
    I think you never read it.

    Alright then, what’s your favorite movie?
    Movie… Do you know …. Do you know I pretty much know half of Jurassic Park?
    I guess because people are telling you what it’s about. Why don’t you tell me what your favorite movie is?
    Jurassic World!
    You’ve never seen it! Tell me something you’ve seen.
    Ok fine! Kubo and the Two Strings.
    Ok! Why do you like that movie the most?
    I like the part where he gets the armor.
    When he gets the armor?

    What is your favorite TV show?
    TV: Pokemon!
    Hmnn.. I like it because… because there are lots of pokemon everywhere.
    …and we can catch them.

    Storm, what is your favorite animal?
    My favorite animal is ugh… is ugh… I have two
    What are they?
    The red fox and the Snow Tiger.
    What does the fox say? HAHAHA! So tell me why those are your favorite animals!
    Oh the red fox; I like the red fox because it’s the name of my school. Fox part. And I like snow Tigers because they blend in with the snow.

    What is your favorite food to eat?
    Pumpkin bread.
    Pumpkin bread? You just had that for the first time today!
    I really like it!

    Storm, give me a piece of advice.
    Of what?
    I don’t know — give me your best piece of advice.
    Ok, it’s a way to make origami. It’s a tip if you have a hard step. If you have a hard step…. No. No — it’s about reading. If you have a hard step about reading, just skip the word.
    Oh! Ok! Alright!

    What’s your favorite toy?
    My Iron Man shooter. No, my NERF gun.
    So all of your toys can go away as long as you have your NERF gun?
    That’s what I mean; what’s the ONE toy you can’t live without?
    Pretty much all of my toys.
    All of your toys? Alright!

    What is your favorite shirt?
    My Safari shirt.
    Your Safari shirt?
    Yeah; it reminds me of Safari Run.

    What kind of job do you want to do when you grow up.
    I don’t know what they’re called, but they help … like … ugh… I wanna be a worker
    What kind of worker?
    I want to be a person that helps make toys.
    What kind of toys?
    Kid toys
    What are you going to do? Design them; build them; or what?
    I’m going to draw them and make them real!

    (I have no doubt you will, Bud!)



    This year’s pumpkin hunt

    October 15th, 2016

    We went back to Arata Farms last week-end, and brought some friends.
    I gotta admit — the maze was much harder this year than I remember, and getting through was only made more complicated by a gaggle of 8 yr olds determined to guide the expedition. Without a strategy (other than just running ahead) it drove the adults bonkers. We finally made it out though ;p I WILL go back next year, just need to figure out a plan first.

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