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    Hot Windows

    November 30th, 2014

    S2 started Tae Kwan Do this month. Or as he calls it ‘Hot Windows’.

    He did an intro class a few weeks back and enjoyed it. In the demo class he got to break a board and is (since the class started) disappointed this doesn’t happen at every class session.

    While I’m not looking forward to the prospect of trained physical altercations between him and G, I am hoping that some of the discipline taught in the class will rub off. He’s slowly getting the hang of having to pay attention. He much prefers to run around crazy, but the instructors are good — he’s part of the Mighty Monkeys program (emphasis on “Monkey” in his case), so they’ve got a little bit more kid patience since they deal with the 3.5+ crowd. I can tell he won’t be testing for another belt for awhile though 🙂

    Since I can’t write without photos, here ya’ go!

    2014-11-04 17.34.00

    2014-11-04 17.46.41

    2014-11-04 17.59.58

    2014-11-04 18.05.58

    PS. Props for me — I have finally figured out how to tie those belts on.

    Still loving his friends

    November 29th, 2014

    As I was going through my camera photos, I came across these two gems. I decided to pull them aside, because I realized that between the two of them it’s still pretty clear how attached G still is to his friends. I love it! He’s 6 — I know their days are numbered. I know that these guys will likely be sealed up and preserved in some special packaging because *I* am never letting them go. He got his first lovie, Froggie, from one of S’ aunts. I gave it to him one morning on his way to day-care, early in his in-home care days. He took to it fast, and Froggie got some back-ups, and Moonka and Nubsie joined the crew.

    He still sleeps with them. He still reached to them for comfort. He still takes them to school (when he’s allowed). He still has a favorite (Moonka — short tag, with the whole on the tag from being pulled on, sucked on, and God knows what else)

    2014-09-29 07.28.53

    2014-10-13 08.05.52

    Oh, I dread the day he will grow up and forget to ask about his friends.

    Foto Friday

    November 28th, 2014

    My phone camera has been in some desperate need of clean-up, so I’m going to be following up with some much needed photo posts 🙂 Some will come in related chunks. This is more of the Hodge-podge. Enjoy!

    Still dressing up 🙂

    2014-09-05 18.04.01

    2014-09-06 07.58.42

    G practicing hygene

    2014-09-06 09.51.56

    2014-09-06 19.39.20

    2014-09-06 19.39.57

    2014-09-07 11.42.52

    Dressed up for baseball

    2014-09-21 09.07.31

    2014-09-24 17.38.31

    2014-09-13 10.27.47

    SF Skyline. Night of Glendon’s wedding

    2014-09-20 21.29.54-2

    Backpack. Clearly 🙂

    2014-09-21 07.50.28

    Walking the tracks

    2014-09-27 18.00.57

    Shirt with buttons. Don’t tell anyone!!!

    2014-09-30 07.38.21

    Proof that vegetables can be eaten

    2014-10-03 18.25.57

    2014-10-05 10.09.43

    2014-10-05 15.55.11

    Lego fun

    2014-10-11 12.26.38

    2014-10-11 12.27.15

    Bowling day from T’s party

    2014-10-12 12.49.34

    2014-10-12 12.50.35

    2014-10-12 12.55.16

    2014-10-12 13.25.40

    2014-10-17 07.20.50-1

    Isn’t this what YOU do with empty shoe boxes?

    2014-10-17 07.22.36

    2014-10-21 08.07.54

    Counting to 15

    2014-10-22 20.28.29

    2014-10-23 12.56.34

    Clifford love

    2014-10-23 17.19.46

    2014-10-23 17.19.52

    2014-10-23 17.42.29

    Celebrating Jennifer’s birthday

    2014-10-28 18.33.57-2

    Waiting out his time-out

    2014-11-22 19.44.28

    How we write birthday cards

    2014-11-23 08.48.21

    When you loose a child, don’t forget to check behind the mats

    2014-11-23 12.55.34

    2014-11-23 12.55.45

    2014-11-25 17.24.42

    Huh! I guess he really DID roll off the couch

    2014-11-27 07.47.15

    I don’t like girls!

    November 28th, 2014

    As I’m rescuing some photos off my phone, I came across a few from S2’s Halloween parade at his school

    S2: I hate that picture!
    Me: Why?
    S2: I don’t like girls. There’s a girl in that pictur
    Me: Uhmn… I’m a girl
    S2: Ok, I don’t like sisters
    Me: Auntie P is my sister
    S2: Ok, but she’s OK because she’s a grown-up

    Alrightie then… a whole lot of things he doesn’t like that he actually likes.

    I don’t have the heart to tell him

    November 28th, 2014

    G and I were just having a little pre-quiet time conversation where he asked me about having to go to school on Monday. I looked at him perplexed saying “Of course you have to go to school on Monday! This isn’t a permanent vacation, you know!” (referring to our 4 day Thanksgiving week-end).

    Here is where I started thinking about how he has only JUST started kindergarten. After that will be school, and then more school, and then work: where being able to have a life of retirement and never-ending “vacations” is almost a lifetime away. Sorry, bud! I know *I’m* already looking forward to retirement, so I just can’t give him that bug yet. 6 might be a little too early to want to be retired.


    November 22nd, 2014

    I, actually, completely forgot all about this project until I was cleaning up my cabinet and came across my ink-pad. So… though it’s a few months late for G, and almost a month late for S2, here are some new footprint progressions.

    Boys this year thought the ink-pad was tickly.





    Foto Friday

    November 20th, 2014

    This breakfast is breakfast is brought to you by Grammie… and Angry Birds 🙂






    Movie Monday

    November 17th, 2014

    G’s fall ball season is now over. His skills have certainly grown. Here he is at bat (actually, I think this was his last hit of the season).


    Gray area

    November 11th, 2014

    Potty talk. It infiltrates any conversation at meal times, car rides and just about any interaction between G and S2.
    I’m so over it! Not because of what they say, but how obnoxious the exchange becomes. It’s like two canaries in a room: they begin screaming, laughing and generally want to out-do each other. I wasn’t the one driving home from dinner last night, but the noise was so infuriating that I was ready to jump out of the car.

    This morning as the usual exchange started, I laid down a new law. For every potty word I hear coming out of a child’s mouth, is one less minute of pre-bedtime TV they get to watch. So TV starts, and they are not allowed in the room until their time-out is done. (For the record, S2 is docked 10mins tonight and G is docked 2).

    They know what potty words are. Good I guess, but it’s not just the potty words that get them riled up. This morning I added to the list:
    – stinky sock (or multiple thereof)
    – eyeball
    Don’t ask me why the second one gets these guys so amped up.

    G was instantly ready with ‘stinky foot’. Because stinky foot wasn’t on the list. Oh child! You get this honestly, from me. I see how this is exhausting to others.

    So for now plain old ‘stinky’ is on the bad words list.

    Not a bruise

    November 11th, 2014

    I was putting S2’s socks on his feet yesterday and saw a bruise.

    Me: How’d you get that bruise, Bud?
    S2: That’s not a bruise!
    Me: Hmn, ok. What is it then?
    S2: That’s a boo-boo going bye-bye

    Alrightie then. New definition for ya 🙂