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    My little hacker

    January 30th, 2016

    G is nothing but persistent on things he wants. He is yet to crack the code for our phones and iPad, but he has learned that with the iPhone 6 our thumbprint unlocks it.

    Accordingly the other morning Shane and I were chatting and G came over casually while holding my phone, reached for my hand and positioned my thumb over the phone so it would unlock. All while my conversation kept going. It was so smooth, so quick: it was like being pick pocketed without even noticing. Neither Shane nor I picked up on what was going on until he dropped my hand having achieved his goal. Then our jaws kind of dropped too.

    He didn’t get far, but …. what exactly IS in his future?

    Dissection… of the electronics kind

    January 5th, 2016

    Because if I’m going to brag about one kid, I kind of need to brag about both.

    My mom sent both boys a singing holiday card. Side note: they LOOOVE mail addressed to them so each time their grammies send them something it’s like a party out in here.

    S2 enjoyed his card for all of 2 days before he asked me to open it up so he can use it for parts. He wants to make his own singing card.

    2015-12-31 17.19.10

    In all fairness, the card is not only a singing card, but also uses LED wires to light up the scene. So a bit much for me to figure out which piece is the sole one he wanted (in the time we had), so the full on dissection will have to wait to next week-end.

    Sigh: this reminds me of me taking apart the record player my grandfather gifted me when I was 8… and putting it back together. Sure, it had extra pieces left over, but it still worked. So, really, I optimized the design, right?

    When the math is too easy

    January 5th, 2016

    This is a bragging post. Straight up.

    It’s a new year, and I’m kicking it off with a big positive, over my usual, sarcastic fare.

    G (in 1st grade, if you still needed reference) is right now Math Hats. In his class they alternate between sight word memorization and basic math memorization. He has to work on the sight-words, but the math is something he’s known since TK. So we’ve been upping the ante. He has to tell us not only what the problem asks for, do it as if it was subtraction (and he’s gets negative numbers totally fine), and multiplication. Not at division yet, but at this rate, I might have to bust it out.

    Check out the video:

    Also observe that S2 is also hanging in there too (he’s chilling on addition and basic 1x and 0x multiplication).

    Oh — I’m also enjoying that G can go into the negative, but can barely pronounce it.