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    It’s time. High School. G is an incoming freshman, and I’m sitting here dumb-founded, because that feels surreal to say. I fully recognize he’s 14, but these last 9 years feel, really, maybe like 5… tops.

    Charter’s graduation was so much more than I could have expected. I legit thought 2-3 speaches from the graduating class, something from the principal and a bunch of names read out loud. I guess benefit of a very, very small graduating class (24 kids) means a much more personalized experience. Each learner was up on stage during the whole ceremony. Some were beated up by palm trees, since the wind was whipping their branches into the kids sitting right in front. It was honestly, quite a production — I could see why they needed rehersals for this thing. At the end, as each received their certificate, there was a quick reading for every kid. They contributed a paragraph, and then one of their teachers also contributed something. It was special! It felt like more than a “hope these past X years worked out; best to y’all”.

    G’s write-up was actually an inside joke for his class. At their last milestone (the SF trip) they went to Club Fugazi, where attendees were given the opportunity to write a post-card… which might then be read out-loud by the cast. G didn’t write one. But one of his friends did in his name… so they all decided to write one and attribute it to G, making Griffin quite the prolific post-card writer. So, while at this graduation ceremony it looks innocent and sweet, I’m actually enjoying the inside-joke part of it (that his teacher called-up).

    A very small part of me is excited to hear Storm’s write-up when it’s his turn. But again a very small part, because I’m not ready for grown-ups yet!

    When I was graduating high school, I felt like the incoming freshmen class looked like babies. So young-looking (yes, yes, irony — leave it alone). Yet, as I look at Griffin’s classmates (and him!) they look so grown. They look like young adults. We were asked to contribute a picture of our graduating kid from their younger years. I sent one of him when he was 7… and startled by how much he really has changed. Shane and I are def. seeing why people that haven’t seen him over the past 3 years don’t recognize him. What will the next 4 bring?

    At school the next day (why yes, they did indeed have a graduation ceremony on Monday and proceeded to have 2 extra days of class following!) they did a walk through campus with the opportunity to be greated by the younger classes. I think it’s awesome — lots of cheering from the younger grades… and just as tear jerky for this mom

    See more photos from the day here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/avalikelava/3kmy5Tq0cY

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