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    Didn’t get past the first line

    December 27th, 2020

    Every once in a while I convince the kids to watch Good Eats with me. On our last showing, Griffin asked if there were ever any recipes featured that were “Bad eats”. To oblige, I had to pull up the Haagis recipe. I’m not saying that Haagis isn’t tasty (I’ve never tried it myself!), but Alton didn’t exactly go out of his way to make it look super apetizing.

    Anyway…. we didn’t watch the Haagis segment, but I pulled up the recipe/ingredients and showed it to Griffin. Then, to keep things fair, I turned my phone around and showed it to Storm.

    He was done pretty quick! I asked “How far did you get?”

    His response? “I didn’t get past the first line”