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    This is what 11 looks like

    August 29th, 2019

    Griggin, today you are 11. You woke up happy and smiling.

    [vimeo 356570257 w=640&h=385]

    Tonight we get to celebrate with a dinner at your favorite Italian restaurant. You’ve got a few haunts you likes to frequent, and originally wanted to go to your “special celebration” spot, until I reminded you Italian was an option. Then it was a no-brainer.

    This past year I’ve observed you make some excellent decisions and adapt to difficult situations. You’re taking changes (like starting a new school; working with a different Dyslexia tutor… AND 7:30am tutoring) in stride, and making me really proud. While you’ve got a few years before the world will let loose on you, I feel (today) that you’re on a good track.

    Your temper is still short; even shorter even as “them hormones” are starting to creep in. You’re moodier; get angrier faster; are more resistant to the idea that Daddy and I can help in tough spots. This part is tough. I know it’s going to only get tougher too over the next 6 years, but I’m hoping we’ll all come out of it with minimal emotional scarring ;p

    You’re growing to be more considerate of others. More often than not I see you watching out for your brother. You think of things that make him happy. You make choices that will make things easier on us. I thank you for that. You growing up into a considerate human being is the best compliment you can give us as your parents.

    Now… onto this year’s interview:

    • me: What is your name?
      • G: Griffin
    • me: What is your full name?
      • G: Rogers!
    • me: Do you know what the V stands for?
      • G: Viktor
    • me: What do you wish it stands for?
      • G: I don’t know!
    • me: How old are you about to be?
      • G: 11
    • me: What is you favorite color?
      • G: Blue
    • me: Who is your best friend?
      • G: Hayden
    • me: What do you like to do with your friends?
      • G: Play… games
      • me: Such as what
      • G: Play sports
      • me: What kind of sports
      • G: Uhmn.. soccer and baseball?
    • me: What is you favorite book?
      • G: Let’s see: Rick Riordan books
    • me: What is your favorite movie or TV show?
      • G: I don’t know
    • me: What is your favorite animal?
      • G: Moose
    • me: What is your favorite food to eat?
      • G: Pasta
      • me: Any particular type of pasta?
      • G: Nope
    • me: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
      • G: Cookies & Creme
    • me: What is your favorite toy?
      • G: Computer
    • me: What is your favorite outfit?
      • G: I don’t know
    • me: What song do you love?
      • G: Uhmn… Happier?
    • me: Who is your biggest hero?
      • G: Messi
    • me: What are you really good at?
      • G: Soccer and baseball
    • me: Where do you wish you could go on vacation?
      • G: Ugh… Hawaii???
    • me: What would you buy if you had $1000?
      • G: Another $1000?
      • me: You’re just exchanging $1000 in that case
      • G: Ok, fine, then I’ll put it in the bank!
      • me: You’ll put it in the bank, you wouldn’t buy anything?
      • G: No
      • me: But if the point is you HAD to buy something, what would you buy?
      • G: Off the rent? Of the house?
      • me: You’re going to help us pay down our house?
      • G: Ya: what else would I do with a $1000? If I can’t put it in the bank…
      • me: That’s pretty nice of you man!
    • me: If you could have a wish, what would it be?
      • G: Be taller!
      • me: That’s a good one. I want that too.
    • me: What do you want to do when you grow up?
      • G: Be a professional sports player
    • me: What do you hope to do before you turn 12?
      • G: I don’t know.
    • me: Give me a piece of advice…
      • G: Trump, Don’t build a wall!