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    This is 15

    We have a 15 year old in the house! I appreciate how “on brand” his responses are to who he is right now. Of special note: pajama and relax time.

    Me: How old are you now? … for the record
    G: 15

    Me: What is your favorite color?
    G: I dunno

    Me: Who are your best friends right now?
    G: Ryan, Julian, Carston
    Me: No Avi?
    G: No, what?
    Me: No Avi?
    G: No, he’s busy
    Me: [laughs] He’s too busy to be your best friend?

    Me: What do you like to do with your friends?
    G: Play video games
    Me: Which video games?
    G: Counter Strike
    Me: That’s it?
    G: Ya

    Me: What’s your favorite book?
    G: Books suck!

    Me: What’s your favorite movie? Or TV show?
    G: Like… ever?
    Me: Sure. Ever… or more recent one
    G: Fantastic Beast series

    Me: What’s your favorite animal?
    G: Uuugh. I dunno

    Me: What’s your favorite food to eat?
    G: Pasta
    Me: Any particular kind of pasta?
    G: Edible

    Me: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
    G: Vanilla
    Me: Really? That surprises me. Usually because you order cookies and creme

    Me: What’s your favorite toy?
    G: My computer

    Me: What’s your favorite outfit?
    G: My pajamas
    Me: Truth

    Me: What songs do you love?
    G: My playlist
    Me: Is there any song on your playlist that you just love listening to? Or maybe there’s more than one? Give me your top few.
    G: Music
    Me: What is your favorite style of music these days
    G: Country and pop

    Me: Who is your biggest hero?
    G: Myself

    Me: What are you really good at?
    G: Being me
    Me: What does that mean?
    G: I’m good at being me
    Me: What does “being me” look like?
    G: Relaxing

    Me: What do you wish you could do on your next vacation
    G: Sleep… more. Have internet. Not have a fire
    Me: Ya, that last one was a bit of a damper. Usually those don’t happen on vacation.

    Me: If you had a thousand dollars what would you do with it?
    G: Inflation. That doesn’t mean anything
    Me: If you had ten thousand dollars what would you do with it?
    G: Invest it
    Me: In what?
    G: In myself
    Me: What does that mean?
    G: Buy myself stuff
    Me: What would you buy?
    G: I’d figure that out later. So when’s my $10,000?

    Me: If you could have any wish what would you ask for?
    G: More wishes
    Me: Ok. What happens with your first wish from the more wishes?
    G: I’d want 3 wishes
    Me: So with your first wish you would ask for more wishes. Then you would limit your wishes to 3?
    G: Yes. Now watch. Now I wish for what I want for, then I wish for more wishes therefore the infinite cycle of wishes
    Me: But then you’re not actually getting what you’re wishing for
    G: No, no. I am. Just once every 3 wishes
    Me: Ok, so beyond the every 3 wishes and unlimited wishes, what’s the one in the middle?
    G: I dunno
    Me: I can see a geni turning you into a frog

    Me: What kind of job do you see having when you grow up?
    G: I dunno
    Me: what are you interested in?
    G: Coding. And politics

    Me: What do you hope to accomplish before you turn 16?
    G: I dunno
    Me: Setup any goals for yourself for this upcoming year?
    G: Nope

    Me: Do you plan to get your driver’s license when you turn 16?
    G: Uhmn.. maybe

    Me: Give me a piece of advice
    G: Don’t do stupid stuff
    Me: Like what?
    G: Like drugs: they’re too expensive
    Me: Huh. So don’t do drugs because they’re too expensive… not because they’re bad for you?
    G: Yep

    Me: Give me another piece of advice
    G: Listen to your dad more
    Me: Ok. Why just my dad?
    G: Because he knows how to relax

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