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    G sings about his day

    January 30th, 2013

    G had a pretty eventful day. His first bout with the pukes. He made a song about it. No, really, you should watch!


    Follow along with these lyrics:

    This morning, I threw up in the car.
    Then when I threw up in the car, I went to take a shower.
    Then after the shower, I put jammies on and watched some TV,
    and drank some juice on and on.

    And then after my juice I laid down and rested.
    Then I played and played.
    Then I went up into the car, and driving somewhere up in to see some buildings
    Then come back home and play.

    And then the next morning, I feel OK.

    I sure hope so bud! I sure hope so!

    Snow trip!!!

    January 30th, 2013

    We went to Tahoe last week. The kids had never “really” seen snow, and we thought it’d be fun. It was! It was a short trip, but it was perfect. We left Thursday morning, and left for home Friday after dinner. It worked out well, and I got what I wanted to out of it. Well… it would have been cool to do a sleigh ride, or snow mobile adventure, but the snow was too wet (it rained on and off while we were there) and it wasn’t enough to keep the two places open. I guess it just leaves us stuff to do for next time 🙂

    I think G, genuinely had a good time. His favorite part was making snow-balls. And then he discovered eating snow and thought it was the best thing ever. We just had to go over “yellow” snow and need to stay away.

    S2? He was an “eh”. He liked making a snow-man the first day. The second day he was just Mr. Cranky-pants, and really didn’t care to be outside. It was hard to get him to sleep, at bedtime and nap-time, so it just made leaving that evening a good decision.

    Here are some sledding videos of the boys w/ Daddy. G is very devoted to his snow-ball: he came right off the sled, but held onto his mound of snow.



    Want pictures?

    PS. No, it didn’t snow while we were there — I just wanted it to… in Photoshop ;p

    Why Bulgarian is a superior language

    January 28th, 2013

    You know what I love about Bulgarian as a language? You read it exactly as it is spelled, and you spell it (more or less) exactly as you hear it. Sure we like long words, and make you want to buy a vowel from time to time, but there are no hidden letters, and the sound each character makes doesn’t change based on what succeeds it.

    I can’t remember how I learned to read. I just remember that by the time I started 1st grade, I already could. Now, I’m finding myself in the position of trying to guide G in reading and I’m realizing this is going to be a lot harder than I thought and remember. I mean, how do I explain to him that “airplane” and “apple” all start with the same letter. They make completely different sounds. One’s more of an “eh” sound and the other more of an “ah” sound. Then there’s also “awesome”. So what sound does the letter A make? Possibly 3? Maybe more?

    Then there’s C. “cat” and “ceiling” both start with C, but one makes a “kuh” sound and the other makes a “sss” sound. Why the heck do you even need a C if you already have K and S? What’s wrong with “Kat” and “Seiling”?

    I dread getting to “h”. “No, buddy, we don’t pronounce ‘h’ half the time! It’s just there to psych you out in spelling tests 🙂 Buahahahaha!”

    Yeah, yeah, yeah: it’s not English, it’s Latin: whatever!!! I have a whole new appreciation for the Cyrillic alphabet right now, I’ll tell you that much.

    What rhymes with ‘truck’?

    January 24th, 2013

    Remember me telling you about the rhyming games we play in the car? G is really, really good at it: I mean he comes up with words faster than I do, and very rarely are they made up words. They’re also never offensive… well, until today (Get where I’m going with this?).
    S and G were playing, and S asked what rhymes with ‘truck’. Very first word out of G’s mouth? That’s right: the f-bomb! We were having breakfast and S just about spit out his food. I asked G what that word meant. He didn’t know, and since I didn’t want to bring attention to it I asked him to use words he knew.
    For the record, I’m not opposed to him knowing what ‘f***’ means, as long as its used appropriately and in appropriate company. But there’s a time for that conversation and vocabulary expansion, and right now is just not it. G knows exactly how to push our buttons, added with the fact he thinks toilet humor is hilarious. So I fully see him singing himself a ‘f***, f***, f***’ song on the drive home (and then laugh maniacally), just to annoy me. So when he’s a wee more mature we’ll tackle the king of the F words.
    Meanwhile… what else rhymes with ‘truck’?

    Movie Monday

    January 21st, 2013

    Wanna know what naptime is like at our house, as far as S2 is concerned? Witness this:


    Now… imagine this going on for about 30-45 minutes until he knocks out and you have it about right. Now, now, don’t be jealous!

    On sharing

    January 20th, 2013

    S and G were playing car games today on the way home from Happy Hollow.

    S: G if you have 4 crackers, and you need to share with your brother, how many will he have and how many will you have?
    G: 1 and 3!

    HAHAHAHAH! I was waiting on this because at no point in his instructions did S ever mention that G needed to share evenly 🙂

    Oh the things he knows

    January 20th, 2013

    All the while S and I are debating what to do with G this fall, he’s showing us all the amazingly cool things he knows and can do. For example, G is very skilled at telling you what number is greater than another, and also what number is smaller than another. I discovered this about a week ago. And he can do this, to what appears numbers as large as 50. It’s pretty cool!

    This afternoon S and G were illustrating he can do some very basic math too, adding and subtracting to 10. I’m impressed, and amazed, and proud.

    With all these skills, maybe he will be ready for kinder come fall? Now the question is, will I?

    Foto Friday

    January 19th, 2013

    PJs and rain-boots. All that you need


    It’s never too early to learn proper skydiving technique and turns.


    G and his Juju

    Learning how to use his chopsticks. And check this out — he can use a knife!

    Devouring his BLT.

    There’s room in there for him somewhere


    He pees while standing!!!

    January 17th, 2013

    I walked in on G in the bathroom (by accident) this evening, to see him peeing while standing up. This startled me a bit, as we’ve taught him to pee while sitting and I really wasn’t expecting to see anything different. In turn I startled him. He was super proud that he ‘made it all in’ even though ‘all in’ apparently implies not on the floor. There was nothing to be said about the toilet seat. If this is going to be a common concurrence we’re going to have to have words about pulling up the seat… and then remembering to put it back down.
    Crap! I kind of just hit me I live in a house full of boys.

    P.S. G was also happy to tell us the reason he peed while standing was because he wanted to try something different. Ok, kid!

    And what did YOU do to him?

    January 10th, 2013

    S2 came home with a bite on his hand the other day. It was actually pretty impressive, and the perfect toddler-sized bite.

    I asked him if he bit himself. Silence.

    Me: Who bit you, buddy?
    S2: Gawwet
    Me: Garret bit you?
    S2: Ya
    Me: And what did you do to him?
    S2: [silence]
    Me: Did you take something away from him?
    S2: Ya
    Me: What did you take?
    S2: [babbles something I completely didn’t get]

    Well, there you have it. I knew he wasn’t blameless in this, especially given his latest affinity to be a complete menace. He does this to G all the time. He’d storm in (pun intended), yank whatever G is playing with straight out of his hands, and then run off, cackling. And then a fight ensues. I’m not shocked this extends past home, but I can’t wait to get over this.

    Now, my mom will laugh reading this because this is almost a verbatim conversation she had with me when I was in pre-school. Except that I instigated being bitten by spitting at another child. She wished me that I would have kids just like me some time ago. Clearly, someone heard her.