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    What rhymes with ‘truck’?

    Remember me telling you about the rhyming games we play in the car? G is really, really good at it: I mean he comes up with words faster than I do, and very rarely are they made up words. They’re also never offensive… well, until today (Get where I’m going with this?).
    S and G were playing, and S asked what rhymes with ‘truck’. Very first word out of G’s mouth? That’s right: the f-bomb! We were having breakfast and S just about spit out his food. I asked G what that word meant. He didn’t know, and since I didn’t want to bring attention to it I asked him to use words he knew.
    For the record, I’m not opposed to him knowing what ‘f***’ means, as long as its used appropriately and in appropriate company. But there’s a time for that conversation and vocabulary expansion, and right now is just not it. G knows exactly how to push our buttons, added with the fact he thinks toilet humor is hilarious. So I fully see him singing himself a ‘f***, f***, f***’ song on the drive home (and then laugh maniacally), just to annoy me. So when he’s a wee more mature we’ll tackle the king of the F words.
    Meanwhile… what else rhymes with ‘truck’?

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    1. Marianne says:

      Fill his little head with -uck words and hopefully he’ll forget the whole conversation. Good response, by the way!

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