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    What happens when you poop into a wormhole?

    January 5th, 2019

    Yes! This was a legitimate discussion in our home last night as I was putting the kids into bed. It was actually a semi-serious conversation.

    It involved asking Alexa what happens, to which she responded “Sorry! I don’t know that one” and trying to actually get clarification on what exactly a wormhole WAS. We concluded that it would not only end up somewhere else in space, but potentially in a different time.

    We then discussed exactly HOW you would poop into a wormhole since outer-space is so cold, your butt would freeze prior to being able to make it’s … ughmn… delivery. Griffin recommended that you poop in a bag first and then send it through space.
    Yes. That’s right! My children are doing the inter-galactic equivalent of baggied poo on your door-step.

    We resolved to have a conversation with my dad about this today… because who better to have a chat about space poo than a man that works in astrophysics?
    BTW — his answer to what happens, btw? You’d start a poop-war. Less scientific… more political :p

    PS. If either one of them ever applies to CalTech for school, I think their admission paper should be on this topic.