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    Snow trip!!!

    We went to Tahoe last week. The kids had never “really” seen snow, and we thought it’d be fun. It was! It was a short trip, but it was perfect. We left Thursday morning, and left for home Friday after dinner. It worked out well, and I got what I wanted to out of it. Well… it would have been cool to do a sleigh ride, or snow mobile adventure, but the snow was too wet (it rained on and off while we were there) and it wasn’t enough to keep the two places open. I guess it just leaves us stuff to do for next time 🙂

    I think G, genuinely had a good time. His favorite part was making snow-balls. And then he discovered eating snow and thought it was the best thing ever. We just had to go over “yellow” snow and need to stay away.

    S2? He was an “eh”. He liked making a snow-man the first day. The second day he was just Mr. Cranky-pants, and really didn’t care to be outside. It was hard to get him to sleep, at bedtime and nap-time, so it just made leaving that evening a good decision.

    Here are some sledding videos of the boys w/ Daddy. G is very devoted to his snow-ball: he came right off the sled, but held onto his mound of snow.



    Want pictures?

    PS. No, it didn’t snow while we were there — I just wanted it to… in Photoshop ;p

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    1. Courtenay Bost says:

      Love this, it will probably grow on little S 🙂 I totally want a sled like that, more my scene…..and ability that the almost black diamonds I was gently nudged into in previous years. I’m sticking to sleds and bunny slopes from now on!! XO

    2. Kirsten says:

      S2 is doing better than Serenity. We have been up for two weeks so far and she will only walk on hard packed snow occasionally and has so far refused to sit in a sled on her own (and only once with me). She does love to watch us sled and ski/snowboard and to ride the cable car, though.

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