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    Dissection… of the electronics kind

    Because if I’m going to brag about one kid, I kind of need to brag about both.

    My mom sent both boys a singing holiday card.┬áSide note: they LOOOVE mail addressed to them so each time their grammies send them something it’s like a party out in here.

    S2 enjoyed his card for all of 2 days before he asked me to open it up so he can use it for parts. He wants to make his own singing card.

    2015-12-31 17.19.10

    In all fairness, the card is not only a singing card, but also uses LED wires to light up the scene. So a bit much for me to figure out which piece is the sole one he wanted (in the time we had), so the full on dissection will have to wait to next week-end.

    Sigh: this reminds me of me taking apart the record player my grandfather gifted me when I was 8… and putting it back together. Sure, it had extra pieces left over, but it still worked. So, really, I optimized the design, right?

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