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    Still loving his friends

    As I was going through my camera photos, I came across these two gems. I decided to pull them aside, because I realized that between the two of them it’s still pretty clear how attached G still is to his friends. I love it! He’s 6 — I know their days are numbered. I know that these guys will likely be sealed up and preserved in some special packaging because *I* am never letting them go. He got his first lovie, Froggie, from one of S’ aunts. I gave it to him one morning on his way to day-care, early in his in-home care days. He took to it fast, and Froggie got some back-ups, and Moonka and Nubsie joined the crew.

    He still sleeps with them. He still reached to them for comfort. He still takes them to school (when he’s allowed). He still has a favorite (Moonka — short tag, with the whole on the tag from being pulled on, sucked on, and God knows what else)

    2014-09-29 07.28.53

    2014-10-13 08.05.52

    Oh, I dread the day he will grow up and forget to ask about his friends.

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