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    Potty talk. It infiltrates any conversation at meal times, car rides and just about any interaction between G and S2.
    I’m so over it! Not because of what they say, but how obnoxious the exchange becomes. It’s like two canaries in a room: they begin screaming, laughing and generally want to out-do each other. I wasn’t the one driving home from dinner last night, but the noise was so infuriating that I was ready to jump out of the car.

    This morning as the usual exchange started, I laid down a new law. For every potty word I hear coming out of a child’s mouth, is one less minute of pre-bedtime TV they get to watch. So TV starts, and they are not allowed in the room until their time-out is done. (For the record, S2 is docked 10mins tonight and G is docked 2).

    They know what potty words are. Good I guess, but it’s not just the potty words that get them riled up. This morning I added to the list:
    – stinky sock (or multiple thereof)
    – eyeball
    Don’t ask me why the second one gets these guys so amped up.

    G was instantly ready with ‘stinky foot’. Because stinky foot wasn’t on the list. Oh child! You get this honestly, from me. I see how this is exhausting to others.

    So for now plain old ‘stinky’ is on the bad words list.

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