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    The future of Egg Hunting

    We didn’t do egg hunts when I was growing up. It just wasn’t a Bulgarian tradition. But I see the fun in it, and the possibilities for it as the kids grow.

    Today, I started thinking how the egg hunt can evolve with them growing up. I’m thinking a “real world” egg hunt. You know… put some fun surprises in some eggs, and some not-so-fun surprises in others. Life’s surprises aren’t always treats, so why not make Easter reflect that?

    So I’m thinking put chores in some of the eggs. Like “scrub bathroom tile grout”, “organize garage”, or “wash windows”. To make the game still worth playing, add a couple of awesome surprises, like a new X-Box (or whatever they’ll be playing).

    What do you think? Devious and fun enough?

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