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    Movie Monday (aka Spring Sing)

    This past Friday was the kids’ preschool annual Spring Sing.  Both our monkeys “performed”. I’m quoting performed here, because as soon as S2 got on stage he froze-up. Yep, my balls-out, happy-go-lucky kid has stage-fright. So much so that one of his teachers had to move his limbs around. For his set, G chewed on his hands the whole time.

    The performance itself sounded marginally worse than a chorus of cats in hear. But I love it! Because they’re my kids… and I gotta ;p Now I’m making you watch it too.

    Preschool class


    Pre-K class


    Someone is happy with his balloon snake:

    A rare sighting of the elusive eating G

    The balloon pop game. G got a ball.

    S2 chose himself a rubber duck

    That he proceeded to shove as far back into his mouth (to itch those pesky molars)

    A stage-full of performing monkeys

    Note the frozen one on the right

    G and one of his BFFs

    Pre-K class

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