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    Dribble, Taco & Chicken Nugget

    THIS is why naming beings is not left to toddlers. If we got a kitty and left naming it to the boys, apparently it would end up with one of the names above.

    “Dribble” and “Taco” were contributions from G. S2 pitched in with “Chicken Nugget”.

    With that said, we are preparing ourselves for a four legged family member to join us. We’ve been approved by one shelter (which what was quite an elaborate interview process), and now we’re waiting to get matched up.

    I’m finding myself moving away from the supper small kitties and starting to consider boys (or girls) between 1 & 2. I’m a bit surprised to see myself evolve like this, but there are definitely advantages to a more mature animal that I was overlooking. Of course, I’m a bit scared of a settled temperament, and unknown medical history, but I’m a lot more anxious about two cats in our home right away, which is a requirement for that shelter’s baby-kitten adoption.

    So yeah… while we look, got any names to recommend?

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    1. Litsecita says:

      Baghira (as in Jungle Book)

    2. Ozgirl says:

      My friends just adopted a 2yo cat. It had been in foster care for almost 12mths. The cat came with a name.

      Just something to think about – an older cat may have a name already.

      The cat has the most amazing temperment! My friends son is almost 5 and she is like a rag doll with him. and sleeps with him. She is very affectionate.

    3. I think Chicken Nugget should win!

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