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    The punishment for trouble = Crackers???

    Let me tell you a little story…

    Little Stormy Foo Foo
    Pouncing through the infant room.
    Throwing things at the babies
    And bopping them on the head

    When I came to pick up my monkey today (we have swim class on Tuesdays now, so he gets picked up earlier), Ms S told me that she had to send him to the office to hang out with the director. I thought to myself ‘Uh-oh! What now?’ because the director’s office is where kids go if they’re sick and need to be isolated from the other kids. Nope, S2 apparently needed to stay out of trouble.

    So where do I find him? Sitting in the director’s lap, happy as a clam, while she was working on the computer [Side question: why is he not this patient when I need to work on my computer and he’s in my lap???], munching on a cracker. And then it hit me….
    I SO wouldn’t put it past him to get purposefully in trouble JUST to get sent to the office. It’s where the animal crackers are, and he bolts for the office whenever the door is open.

    He’s an evil genius!!! I’m pretty certain Stewy Griffin is actually based on S2.

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