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    The first fight

    Today, our dudes had what I would interpret as their very first (physical) altercation. It begins… (although I’m hoping future fights won’t be too terrible). It went something like this:

    S2: [walks over and grabs the blue Lofty Lego crane that G was actively playing with (and minding his own business, mind you!)]
    G: Hey!!!! That’s mine!!!! [swipes crane back]
    S2: [moves out 2′, picks up decorative couch pillow off floor, walks back to G and smacks him on the head with it]
    G: [proceeds to tackle S2 down to the floor, relatively gently, and backs off]

    It stopped here.

    Fun times ahead!

    One response to “The first fight”

    1. Mrs. Ziggy says:

      What a cute little first “fight”. I am amazed at how much mine fight and goodness does it get rough. When they right like mad it actually makes me wish for a girl to soften the mix a little. The thing that saves my sanity is listening to them talk about how much they love each other, how they’re best friends, how they never want to be away from each other.

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