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    The case of the potty stickers

    S bought these special stickers to put on the inside of our toilets. Let’s just say that G’s aim leaves something to be desired… and I don’t advise walking barefoot into the kids’ bathroom in the middle of the night/early morning. Yeah!
    So S found these little fly stickers, and ordered them. They arrived. All the way from the UK.

    S2 is an early riser. He’s the first to wake 90% of the time, and is really, really excited to rummage through daddy’s desk. He is also really, really in love with stickers. While G couldn’t care less, S2 would wear a sticker suit if given the opportunity to.

    You’re seeing where this is going, yes? S walked up to his desk today to see that the pricey, imported fly stickers were gone. ALL of them. And by gone, I meant, stuck to just about everything that little S2 can get his hands on. Magazines, books, desk.
    I had to walk away, because I was laughing. S hates it when I laugh under situations where he’s angry. However, in stressful situation it’s what I do: I laugh. It’s a shitty thing, because people feel like I’m a condescending b****, but it’s an actual response, so there you go. And well, to some degree that WAS funny.

    So now… no more fly stickers. But if you’d like to pee on a magazine w/ a sticker on it to improve your aim, it’s all ready!!!

    PS. I should introduce S to the Hryn Cherio theory. They’re cheaper to come by 🙂

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