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    Stage fright? No way!

    Tonight was daycare’s annual Spring Sing fundraiser. It’s a benefit with auctions, dinner and child-provided entertainment. Proceeds go towards the program. Child participation is optional, and really driven by their attendance at the event (ie. if you don’t come, your child won’t perform). The event is 6-8 (or 9 if, like me, you chatted up other parents), so a bit late for little people, but since G decided a while back that he won’t go to bed before 9:30, it was a welcome idea to go. And so we did. Which meant, you guessed it: G got to perform.

    I was envisioning G being the child on the stage that would run, like a maniac, back and forth. When asked to participate would give his little mischievous grin and say “Nooooooo!” I was expecting this. As was S. Instead, we got a child that stood in his spot (up front) of the stage, waved his hands, (occasionally) sang in tune, and performed. In front of about 130 adults.

    Color me surprised.

    I don’t expect that this lack-of stage fright will last to next year, but hey, who knows? Meanwhile, enjoy the pre-school performance of “Coconut Soap”. G is the peanut in the orange T, just a little to the right of center. (And, yes, if you don’t have any children within this age group, this will be torturous to experience).


    I only packed the Flip for this. I’m sure had I brought the dSLR that G would’ve behaved exactly as I expected… because I would be waiting with high-quality equipment. Instead, you get pixelated video 🙂 Oh, and pardon the shakiness in the middle. I had some kids in the audience that decided this would be a great time to need to get past me.

    4 responses to “Stage fright? No way!”

    1. Grammie says:

      I am missing so much of his life Sad

    2. Marianne says:

      I don’t have children in this age group, but I think it’s adorable! I love it when he starts copying the little blonde girl.

    3. […] G had his first on-stage performance, and was happy to add his very own hand choreography. I occasionally get this song stuck in my head. […]

    4. […] had his second performance at school’s Spring Sing on Friday (see the first here). Still impressed he volunteered to go up on a stage with a room full of people watching. […]

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