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    I am really, really excited about the breadth of curriculum G is exposed to at his new pre-school. Like today? They talked about the Mid-West (although somehow the Mid-West became China? I’m not really clear what happened there). Yet while all this makes me really glad, I can’t help but feel a little sad too. Sad because I feel that some of these things should be coming from me. I realize this isn’t practical. Not only am I NOT cut out to be a teacher, but the scale of knowledge about our world is beyond my skill level, education level, and quite frankly patience and time availability. Still, I feel a little dig in there.

    Meanwhile, I do need to brush up on some topics. Yesterday, G asked me why our shadows were so long in the morning. And why when we make shadow puppets on the wall, his hand looked bigger when it was closer to the flashlight. Physics: Hooray. [Yes, that was sarcasm :)]

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