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    Marshmallow Nights

    Occasionally the 28mph winds in our back-yard quiet down and we get a calm evening perfect for marshmallow roasting. Which is what we did last night 🙂 S2 slept, and we head-out to the deck for some fire-toasted goodness.

    G enjoyed the stick-holding far more than the treat. Go figure.

    3 responses to “Marshmallow Nights”

    1. Katie says:

      Beautiful pictures!!

    2. BecomingMom says:

      Nice!! Glad to see you getting so much enjoyment out of your gorgeous new yard already!

    3. […] We remodeled our back-yard. G rides his bike there; we enjoyed the little veggies we planted in the spring (… well, as much as we were able to rescue from the local wild-life feasting off them); and G’s been loving marshmallow time with S […]

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