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    Jeff and Bob (and Cookie and Carrot)

    Some time ago Griffin pronounced that his name is Jeff… and that he was a Moose. Ya, you got that right: four legged, furry, over-sized deer.

    For the longest time, Jeff had a buddy: Bob. Bob was discovered in the toy hamper right about the time he was on his way to the donation bin. But then Bob and Jeff became (mostly) inseparable.

    Bob helps Jeff get up in the morning. He’s silly and gets Griffin (er, Jeff) up in a good mood, mostly though talking about their overnight adventures. For example…

    Bob and Jeff can fly (like Santa’s reindeer), so they tried out for Santa’s team. They didn’t make the team pulling the sleigh (yes, there’s some discrimination happening there) BUT! they did make the Santa squad by joining the cookie-eating team. You see, Santa was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, so he can’t eat all the cookies left out for him. However, cookies and carrots being the two primary food-groups of young moose, it’s perfect for them. So now they’re practicing for the big day by eating all the cookies they can get into.

    Unfortunately Bob went to school one day… and didn’t make it back home. There were tears. There was a late-night trip to the school. And reward posters. Alas, Bob is still causing trouble out there in the world on his own. Maybe some day he’ll return.

    The good news, though, is that in Bob’s absence, Cookie and Carrot joined the family. In a semi-fortunate turn, Griffin asked for a “sister” for Bob. So I had already crawled eBay with the right search/manufacturer terms. Now Jeff is accompanied by Cookie and Carrot. All is (almost) right with the world 🙂

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