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    I’m no longer the mamma

    This past week G stopped calling me “mamma”. I am now “mommy”. I feel down-graded.

    There are worse things I could be called, that’s for sure, but I don’t have to like this new monicker. I feel like everyone else can be “mommy” if they want to be. But I’m different, and special, so I’m “mamma”. “Mamma” also carries over from Bulgarian. And it’s what my little guy says. Not my grown up kid. And while grown up kids are in our future, WE’RE NOT THERE YET DAMNIT!

    When asked, he says he doesn’t like to call me “mamma” anymore. I don’t know what changed between last week and this week, but apparently it’s not cool to anymore :-/

    Sigh — there goes another toddlerism lost…

    3 responses to “I’m no longer the mamma”

    1. Tanja Freeman says:

      You can condition him to return to your old name. Just pretend that you can’t hear him when he says mommy. Then say, “I don’t see a mommy here… my name is mama.” When he finally calls you mama, then respond extra enthusiastically to it. He’ll change back… or at least it works on my kids. 🙂

    2. Rebecca says:

      I’ve been downgraded to “Mom”… makes me feel old 😉

    3. Grammie says:

      The next step will be Mother, I will only call you Mother

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