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    Happy Halloween!

    This has been G’s first year really trick-or-treating. The past few years, he’s participated in community parades and the like, but never door-to-door treating. We just don’t live in a neighborhood where anyone treats, plus with him not really being of candy-consuming age we’ve skipped the door candy soliciting and just subjected him to silly costumes. But this year? This year, was a trip out, AND with his cousins to boot.

    A few weeks ago when I asked him what he wanted to be, G said “purple”. I scratched my head for awhile, and then thought: purple crayon!!! And wouldn’t you believe it — they DO have crayon costumes out there (albeit not purple. Grr!) As soon as I showed him my idea, he said “No! I wanna be a tiger” So off on a tiger costume quest I went. Luckily I scored an awesome used one, in fabulous condition for $10. For $10, if he changed his mind again, I wasn’t going to be too upset, though I wasn’t really giving him a chance to come up with something else 🙂

    S2 got to be a cow.

    Getting ready:

    I’ll give you one guess how long the tiger head-piece stayed on. If you guessed 25 seconds, you’d be right.

    Ready to go

    G is in a pretty shy phase, and he really doesn’t like to talk to people he doesn’t know. Good for general safety. Not so good for a holiday that has a basic pre-requisite for a “Trick or Treat” utterance. He insisted we do it for him, but was happy to stretch out his (adorable) paw for a piece of candy. We visited about 6 houses, and then I asked him if he wanted to continue on w/ G and J or come home. Guess what he said? … So home we went 🙂

    The boys’ loot.

    I immediately claimed the peanut butter cup. G ended up having 2 pieces of Skittles and a bite of a Hersey bar. The rest were dutifully hidden.

    S2 tried to claim some candy too.

    No luck for this dude though. He went to bed. Crazy Dawg, Daisy begged for some candy too. She was a Little Terror.

    G enjoyed listening for visitors to come to the door and watching them get candy.

    It was a good year. Can’t wait for next!

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