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    Foto Friday

    This is a big one (mostly ‘cuz I’ve slacked and I have a big back-log on my phone)

    Speedy McGriff

    He’s a determined biker

    How to eat a cup-cake:

    Presiding over his first conference

    Chef and Sous-Chef


    Real men wear tights.

    If only he was just a liiitle bit taller…

    Someone army crawled right out of his pants:

    It’s SO hard not to want to cuddle this each night

    Wait…. is this baby jail?

    Chubby thighs

    One response to “Foto Friday”

    1. Marianne says:

      Your “real men wear tights” photos reminded me that I MUST have Haley wear babylegs for her 6 month photos. She practically lives in them these days.

      I spend a lot of time cuddling at night, too. It’s so hard not to. Even if it means I get less sleep (or poor quality sleep, slouched over in the glider).

      Beautiful photos, as usual!

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