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    First thoughts on starting kindergarten

    G starts kindergarten next week.

    I’m not nostalgic. I’m, honestly, kind of excited to get this started — this last year has (at least for me) been in preparation for this time. Aside from the fact that I’m going to have to re-learn how to do homework (I mean let’s get real, these next few years will be just as much of an exercise in US being able to work with G on his homework, as it will be for him), this is pretty exciting!

    But… I have some thoughts on the whole kinder starting bit.

    Off the bat, yes, I wish I knew who his teacher would be more than a day before the start of school, but no, I’m not going crazy not knowing. I actually get why teacher assignments are not disclosed. I’ll deal.

    The shopping list on the other hand, does irk me. We won’t be told what to buy until kinder orientation… which is at 6pm on Monday night, when school starts 8:30am on Wednesday morning. 36 hours to shop. Why the secrecy? All the other class lists were emailed out weeks ago: what’s the big whoop about kinder shopping?
    So, I cheated. That’s right! I asked a friend that goes to the same school and she sent me the list. It’s nothing special. It’s pretty specific (ex: dry erase markers, chisel tip, low odor, 2ct. black), but it’s not that unique. Why hide it? And if we can’t shop well ahead of time, why not ask us for the $50 financial equivalent so that the class can buy in bulk?

    I missed G’s after-school care orientation session for his site. The program is pretty big, so I went the next night and gathered the bigger jist of it. But man, making sure he gets on the after-school bus and on the right one at that is giving me anxiety. Somehow in the span of a day I will need to contact his teacher, let them know that G will need to be escorted to the bus by them and trust it will work out.

    The whole lunch thing is confusing too. There is a hot lunch program, but kindergarteners are eligible only if they eat it on site? But then we were told they can pick it up and go? I don’t know what’s right yet. Or when/where to register.


    Yes, I like things easy: go here, sign this form, click this check-box, press submit kinda thing. It will all be fine in the end, but next week will be interesting for sure 🙂

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