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    Congealed white byproduct from a bovine

    “Congealed white byproduct from a bovine” It’s what we call yogurt these days. We’ve had to continuously revise our code speak for G’s benefit. Mostly so that he wouldn’t freak out when he hears about it. Freak out specifically when he decides he wants some and there’s none left in the fridge. So, uhmn, yah. Code speak.

    Milk is also known as ‘white liquid substance’. Graham crackers are ‘brown crunchy things’.

    We try to change references around once in a while, too, so that he doesn’t catch on to our code.

    Raising kids, dude. I’m learning negotiation techniques, cryptography, wrestling (necessary for nap-time), bio warfare resistance (stinky diaper or an S2 fart), high pitch tone torture acclimation (tantrums), and living with sleep deprivation. I dunno about you, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be qualified for the CIA within a few years.

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