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    Why won’t someone do this?

    You know what I wish baby stores did? Test-drive programs for baby gear.

    I want to be able to rent a different stroller each week and test-drive it around my ‘hood to see how it fits in my lifestyle. Sure, a stroll around the baby store is fine, but my kid might not like sleeping in that stroller; or it might not fit in my car; or go up and down stair quite right. Sure, I can spend a grand on a fancy Bugaboo, but is it $900 better than a Graco for how I live my life? I tell you rental programs could be a hit!

    Second up — baby carriers. These little items can be the difference between graying hair within baby’s first birthday, or not. A carrier that baby likes is a God-send. We went through 4 before we found one G likes, we like and is easy to put on. I’m thankful that two of them were hand-me-downs from friends so that I didn’t spend any money on them. The soft-sided carriers can be expensive, running around $100 for the Ergo’s or Beccos. I’ll happily spend $40 on a trial rental program, if it saved me $200 in the end from buying stuff my kid won’t stand to be in.

    Thirdly, diaper sample packs! (This is an S idea!) JilliansDrawers does an awesome job with doing starter kids for cloth diapers, but how about disposables? You don’t know if your kid fits better in a Huggies, a Pampers a 7th gen or the Target generics. Why not buy a sample pack that has a week’s worth of each?

    That’s my business idea inspiration for the day. Sigh… if I only had the capital 🙂

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