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    When I grow up…

    Dear boys,

    One of the things you need to know about your Mamma, is that she’s a crier at commercials and radio stories. NPR is a frequent offender with Storycorp, but once in awhile a show segment hits me. Today as I went out to pick up my lunch and a treat for my team, I came up on Talk of the Nation, as Neal Conan was interviewing a Kentucky farmer. You need to listen to it here. Mr. Vernon’s voice sounded heavy, and I can only imagine the difficulty he’s seen over the past few years, but his utter self-lessness and grace moved me by reminding me how kind, and generous, and good people can be. He showed me that even in the face of need, there is still room to help others because someone else needs it more. That even the smallest gesture can mean so much.

    And you know what? I want to be him when I grow up.

    I want YOU to be him when you grow up.

    I would never wish hardship on anyone, but if we can find his grace even in dark moments? Well, then we made it!

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