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    Sure, my Deer, eat my plants!

    S and I woke up Sunday morning only to walk downstairs and find a deer in our back yard. While yes, we live in the back of a canyon, and the deer typically graze on our bushes through our fence we have never been privileged to have one invite herself ONTO our property before.

    I recall the previous owner of our home warning us to always keep our back gate locked, so the deer don’ t get in. This we have been doing, so I was surprised to see this little lady chowing down in my yard.

    So here I am, kind of panicking because I don’t want the deer to freak out following breakfast, and trash around (in my already small yard) and break all our windows (in an attempt to escape).

    However, as we both watched the deer through the living room window, she looked up, casually, and decided she was done and walked around the fence and got out. I guess our work-men had opened it after all.

    So here is our guest. Ignore the random house parts all over the place. While the work on our house is in progress, our back yard is a mess.

    Oh and G? Yeah, he slept through this all.

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