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    A few days ago I went to lunch with a couple of work friends. A asked “If you could take a sabbatical for a whole year, and money was all taken care of, what personal projects would you accomplish during that time?” They talked about their deep desires about filming documentaries. I said two things:

    1) Learn how to ride a horse
    2) Learn how to be a pretty awesome ballroom dancer

    The rest of the story with those guys isn’t as interesting any more, but it’s made me think of my bucket list. What’s on it that I want to achieve? So here goes. This will be an evolving list. A lot of it has to do with places I want to see, and worlds I want to experience:

    – Climb the pyramid at Machu Picchu
    – Have a lazy afternoon at a beach resort on the Maldives
    – Learn to ride a horse so that a gallop, on my own, won’t freak me out- Ride on the Oriental Express
    – Touch the Giza Pyramid
    – Enjoy a night salsa dancing where I can hold my own
    – See the Northern Lights
    – Become a decent tennis player
    – Submit a photograph to world-wide photography competition

    8 items. I’m not greedy ;p

    Added on:
    – Take a painting class,

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