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    How to scare the eldery: 101

    I’d like to introduce you to an interesting product a friend brought my attention to: Baby Bangs (http://www.babybangshairband.com/). I for one, think it’s terrible for the mental & physical health of our society.

    (Although not stated so in the literature), I assume it is for the self-conscious parent who is:

    1. Tired of telling everyone what gender their little one is,
    2. Really eager to put hair accessories on their child, or
    3. Can’t wait for the kid’s own locks to come in

    Here’s the part I don’t get: how do you convince your child to keep it on?

    Let’s take G for example: the child hates (I mean HATES) anything on his head. Remember those hats he wore non-stop until he was 6 months old? Yeah, apparently I over-did it. Unless I can strap or staple the sucker on, any head-decorating object is promptly removed, and if not tugged on until it comes off. So… back to the little hair toupees above: how do you blackmail (I mean cajole) your child to keep it on?

    I mean, I’m picturing a mom taking little Kimmie out to the store with her new hair, while in the middle of mom’s retail therapy Kimmie decides she’s had enough of the hair piece and just yanks it off. Now take the elderly lady standing next to the pair — she just witnessed little Kimmie scalping herself more or less. Said elderly lady has a heart attack in horror. Hence bad for the health of our fellow citizens. Think of the fragile elderly… I beg you! Say “No!” to the Baby Bangs!

    2 responses to “How to scare the eldery: 101”

    1. Rebecca says:


      I want Heidi to have hair as much as anybody, but that’s just silly…

    2. Jamers says:

      I’ve seen those before. They disturb me!

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