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    Flu shot accomplished

    This one was for me. It was my first flu shot ever, so ya it was a big deal!

    That’s right, the H-R household is now officially 100% Influenza vaccinated (in the bi-ped variety anyway. Neko gets his shots at the end of this month too).

    You’d think that after all the shots I had to endure to get G into my oven, and after all the blood draws I’d be more comfortable with needles. For awhile I was. Really. But now with over a year without a reason to be pricked, my fear of the shot has returned. I’d never gotten the flu shot before — I mean why get poked when I didn’t have to? However, on account of G being little, I’m getting one this year, so that I can stave off the germ-fest that is my office, and not get my little guy sick.

    My office does the flu shots for free every year, so this year I hobbled (why run?) at the chance. On the way over I gathered up a small posse of other colleagues open to the idea. They kept me company and ensured I didn’t make a run for it mid-way. No joke my teeth were chattering on the way there, and I had a knot in my stomach. But when all was said and done it wasn’t too bad. After I signed off that I was willing to accept the risk of the neurological disorder that is Guillain-Barré, I got my shot and was sent merrily on my way. The line by the time we were done was huuuge.

    What you don’t see in this photo is that it went past the corner and continued down the stairs. Geez, you’d swear they were handing out money or something.

    I had to tell myself that I subject G to shots like this almost every other month, and he takes it like a champ. Maybe it helps that he doesn’t know it’s coming. I should, in turn, just suck it up. But where’s my ice-pack, kisses and cuddle when done? The vaccination staff doesn’t provide that extra service 🙁

    All I gotta say is that G better appreciate I’m doing this for him. I expect a cuddle and kiss from him for the effort this evening, and I will take my fee out in full!

    2 responses to “Flu shot accomplished”

    1. becoming-mom says:

      Glad you survived it and hope G complied with his “payment” 🙂

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