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    Bye-bye my little Civic!

    For a short period of time we are a one car family.

    My little Civic got driven away this morning by a new owner. While this was a transition we were expecting, it didn’t exactly happen on our time-line.

    On Monday my “check engine” light came on. Since we already were planning on taking it in for it’s next mileage milestone service the following day, in it went.  Interestingly enough, that night I had a dream that the service department would say that fixing it would cost too much, and the car, for all intents and purposes was done. My dream was right. Just to assess the actual problem was going to be a $700. On the low end of their suspicious of what was wrong with it, I would walk out with a bill of anywhere from $1700-$2500. And that was before the service check I needed anyway. On a car that was worth maybe $4,000, spending more than half of it’s value on repairs seemed unreasonable. Especially since we knew we wanted to sell it, to make room for our next mobile in the next 2 months anyway.

    So we made some calls, and posted it on Craigslist “just in case”, as-is. Shockingly we had a bunch of interest right away, and this morning it found itself a new owner, who will fix it up and use it.

    This little Civic was my first “big girl” car. I chose, negotiated and paid it off all on my own. Well, S was there for the negotiating bit, but I guess I was enough of a hard-ass, he didn’t really need to chime in much. The down-payment for that car came from me selling an engagement ring. Yes, I was engaged prior to S. Obviously (and looking back, thankfully) things didn’t work out, and I was left with a beautiful ring that I couldn’t wear. So, one day, I had an epiphany and decided I needed to put the ring to more useful purposes: i.e. drive me around 🙂 It sold (my very first eBay transaction ever), and along with some other savings was converted into a comfortable, sexy, screams-of-independence-and-maturity black 2001 Honda Civic. (I always did want to take a photo of me on the hood of my new car and send it to my ex, saying “Thanx!” I never did though)

    So I guess that’s it for that chapter of my car driving history. Next up? The monster mobile. We haven’t officially called it, but we’re likely getting a Honda Pilot. I hate the mileage and how ginormous it is, but we could really use a third row, and no small vehicles give you that option.

    Vroom, vroom!

    One response to “Bye-bye my little Civic!”

    1. Rebecca says:

      have you looked at the mazda 5?
      I have 2 friends that drive them and they both like them a lot. the third seat isn’t super convenient, but if you only need it occasionally…

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