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    “You’re like a bad girlfriend.”

    A lot of our interaction with G of late has been around the word “No!”

    “No shower!”

    “No diaper!”

    “No bed!”

    “No dinner!”

    Paired with some unreasonable requests

    “More George!” (after already having seen 2 episodes of Curious George)

    “Now HAT!” (referring to Cat in the Hat, when Curious George gets rejected)

    “MYYYYYYYY $insert-item-of-choice here”

    And then of course there are the schizophrenic requests we get while driving.


    “You want milk buddy? Ok, here’s some milk!” (while hanging him a sippy)

    “NO milk!”

    “Ok, you don’t want milk” (while we take it away)


    And this is what has inspired my (normally) sane husband to flat out say:

    “Geez, kid! You’re like a bad girlfriend”

    2 responses to ““You’re like a bad girlfriend.””

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