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    Who needs toys?

    You know the story of the kid who loves to play with the wrapping paper of their birthday gift more than the gift itself? Yeah, well, G doesn’t stray far from that tale. You see, he enjoys playing with an empty plastic bin about as much as anything else.

    • He pushes it around the floor and uses it as a walking toy
    • He throws his toys in it
    • He then pulls them out
    • He flips it sideways and then sits in it
    • Sometimes he plays turtle with it (with our supervision that is)

    S calls it the Swiss Army Knife of toys.

    So yeah. Plastic bin (from Target)? $8. Hours of toddler fun? Priceless!

    One response to “Who needs toys?”

    1. Grammie says:

      What great pictures and such a happy smile.

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