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    What S2 built

    S2 is really loving his Legos right now. G got some big-kid sets for his birthday, and while he’s been indifferent about them, S2 is all over them. I wasn’t sure how he’d do with the smaller pieces, but it doesn’t appear to be a blocker and we’re enjoying sleeping-in in the morning thanx to these things 🙂
    He doesn’t try to build any of the sets – he likes to build his own creations and I prefer that so much more, to be honest: 1) I don’t have to supervise a toddler that is frustrated with a step: 2) he gets to be as creative as he wants to be.

    So here are a couple of his creations:

    2014-01-15 07.55.23\

    2014-01-15 07.55.38\

    2014-01-15 07.55.51\

    2014-01-15 07.56.07\

    2014-01-16 19.16.51\

    2014-01-19 07.46.47\

    2014-01-19 07.57.14\

    2014-01-19 07.57.59\

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