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    Tooth Faerie brought some friends!

    Apparently our house is so much fun to visit that the Tooth Faerie brought some friends to party: the Crud! Friend #1 is also known as Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. Yey! How did we ever get so lucky?

    Yesterday G was just in a crummy mood. His eyes were bulgy, he was in a sour mood all day, and very, very clingy. He drooled like he hasn’t since he was an infant, and spiked a low grade fever to boot. He gnawed on Sofie like there was no tomorrow. I finally saw one of his canines peak through, so I thought: “Teething. Fabulous!” and dosed him up with some Tylenol.

    Then today came. At 5:40am G woke up crying. Not “I’m rolling over and kind of awake” crying, but real “Get in here” crying. He ate early last night, so I knew he was hungry, and with a normal 6:20am wake up, he wasn’t too far off. He sucked down his milk, quieted down and went back to sleep. My morning routine went out the window, but life was still fine.

    Then 10:00am came. Mrs. J called the house to let us know that not one, nor two, but ALL of the kids in G’s class (except for one infant) had Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease and every parent needed to come collect a child: preferably their own. Apparently there was a kid that came down with it last week, and even though the child wasn’t in G’s room, it’s spread through like wildfire.

    Since then life hasn’t been too much fun. The blisters are def. a lot more noticeable now. Where this morning there was nothing, by this evening G was sporting a rash on his knees, bum, and roof of his mouth. There are traces on his feet and hands too. IT SUCKS!!!! He’s crying because he’s in pain. He’s hungry, but can’t eat because his mouth hurts. There’s only so much Tylenol and Motrin we can dish out, and hugs go so far. It’s gonna be a rough night. Tomorrow’s supposed to be worse, since he appears to be on the first of the three bad days (the Internets refer to).

    S meanwhile has had a stomach ache since Friday. He saw a doc today and had his blood taken. It might be appendicitis, but we need some tests to confirm. Tooth Faerie’s friend #2. S is in pain and it hurts to walk… even hold G. He’s just being really brave though this, and I appreciate it. It’s days like today that remind me just how incredibly fortunate I am to have a partner in this parenting ride. Sleepless nights and sick kiddos is where my hat comes off for all the single parents out there.

    OK, whine over… for now.

    3 responses to “Tooth Faerie brought some friends!”

    1. Courtenay Bost says:

      I’m so sorry to hear what you two are going through! I had to have my appendix out a couple years ago, poor S!!!! And the little one in pain sucks!!! You all are in my thoughts. Stay strong and good luck!

    2. Kelle says:

      oh, i feel for you (and G) my J had it when he was 4 yo and it was horrible. i still remember how bad he felt. some times the bad memories fade with time-but not that one. hang in there.

    3. becoming-mom says:

      oh nooooooo 🙁 Poor G and poor you!! I hope he starts feeling better soon 🙁

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