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    Today, you are 2!


    Dear G,

    Today you are 2! Last year I had wished that your second year wouldn’t go by as fast as the first. I guess my wish came true… except that it went by faster 🙁 I am scared to think that each progressive year will go by faster and faster.

    I live in some sense of denial that you have gotten as big as you have. You do things every week that amaze me: things that I’m shocked (and impressed) you can do, because I didn’t think you were ready to. I love these surprises, and I love who you are. As of right now you are:

    – Determined. You are a very focused little guy who knows what he wants and is persistent until he gets it. It makes redirection very hard, and I will admit, you’ve worn your daddy and I down more than once.

    – Stubborn. Kinda goes in hand with the above. You’re not afraid to tell us when something isn’t going your way, and you have a very specific vision of what you want your world to look like.

    – Funny. You’ve got a great sense of humor and spend much of your day making those around you laugh, and you laugh in return.

    – Fast. Dear lord, how are those little legs able to take you around so quickly?

    – Not much of a huger (or a kisser for that matter). While your face lights up when those you love are around you, you are one Hug Scrooge! But in a way a hug from you is really, really special, because you do it so rarely. And a kiss? Wow! One must do something really special to warrant a kiss.

    – Smart. Especially “street” smart. You figured out how to turn off light switches by yourself, even when they stand 2 feet above you (as one example). You like to quietly watch how things work, so that you can do it yourself, and you’re not afraid to figure out new tools to help yourself to a task.

    – Fearless, but calculating. When you are introduced to a new environment, even with kids your age, you like to stand on the outside for a few minutes, while you take it all in at first. You’re not a jump-in immediately kind of guy. You like to understand your environment first, but then watch out. Once you get going, it’s hard to get you to stop.

    – Quite the athlete. If an activity comes with balls, especially, you’re all over it. You kick a ball something mean, throw super far, can bat, and love basketball to boot. You LOVE making up your own ball games too. I think we have a base-bowling (which is occasionally paired with soccer-bowling), base-golf, amongst others.

    – An art lover. You LOVE art time, and at school you get really upset when your turn is up. I love many of the pieces you bring home (although some of them really make me scratch my head… like that gooey blob in a zip-lock bag from the other week). You make your Gamma very proud!

    I won’t lie, this year we’ve had our moments too. You’ve become a master temper tantrum-er. Going out for dinner with you now is becoming more and more of a challenge, so daddy and I are likely going to be staying in a lot more with you. Could be a good thing, as our waists could use some trimming.

    Sadly, no birthday party for you today. While we had a whole party planned for you with trains, and ponies, and a bounce-house, the Ear Infection bug decided to be a party crasher, and paid you a visit yesterday, just at enough time to make us cancel our plans. You had a fever of 103.4, and were generally a clingy, sad boy when not doped-up on Motrin. All this adds up to no party with friends for you today. I’m sorry, but I promise we’ll make it up to you.

    Happy Birthday, kiddo!


    4 responses to “Today, you are 2!”

    1. Adrienne says:

      Aww, Happy TWO G!

    2. Happy birthday G!!
      So sorry about your party 🙁 But Jasper and I are so excited to get to meet you soon!
      Ariana & Jasper

    3. Katie says:

      Happy 2nd Birthday, G!!!

    4. What a cutie!!! I can’t believe he is already two!!!!!!

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