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    Things I never thought I’d do

    Consider this my confessional post. This last week I comitted two parental offenses I never thought I would.

    Offense 1: taking a cab without a carseat for my kid. Yep, around the local 5m radius, I gave up the carseat while taking a taxi. Mostly because following those short trips we do a crapload of walking and lugging a convertible carseat (along with the other stuff we carry) hasn’t been too practical. I do insist we take it whenever we take a cab/car out of town though. While I don’t love being part of the polluting world I miss my own car and the ‘safe’ conveniences it comes with.

    Offense 2: I kept my kid up until 10pm at a restaurant. While G has adapted a bit more to local time, he’s off by 3 hours accros the board. He wakes up at 9:30, wants lunch no earlier than 2, and does his bedtime starting at 10:30. In a way it makes planning time with friends a bit easier since we don’t have to be confined to our apartment by 7 every night (like at home), but I am sure that people think I’m nuts.

    So ughmn, yeah. Bad Mamma.

    5 responses to “Things I never thought I’d do”

    1. Grammie says:

      Oh my don’t feel bad there will be many many more before he turns 18

    2. Ariel says:

      Not a bad mom your doing what you need to survive.

    3. Christa says:

      When we were in Costa Rica, we took Taxi’s without carseats! AND we kept Ella up that late.

    4. Christina says:

      Are you kidding me??? GREAT mama. You braved an international flight, are exposing your kid to his extended family and honest-to-goodness culture, and you’re rolling with things. Way to go…you’re braver than me. The East coast is the limit of my current sphere. 🙂

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