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    The snuggle trap

    Why do I fall for it? Why do I fall for thinking having a 3yr old in my bed all night is a good idea? He comes out all pout-y from a bad dream, clutching a pillow and blanket that melt my heart. I let him in. I think to myself: I miss this. I love this, as I wrap my arm around him and bring him close.

    Only for those 5 minutes of conscious contentment to be followed by 4.5 hours of being kicked in the head, abdomen and any other accessible body part his feet can reach, as he thinks putting his feet on the pillow is the proper way to sleep. And that no matter how many times I wake to rotate him around, he reverts to upside down sleeping. He settled down at 4:30am after going to the potty in MY bathroom, insisting I get up to turn the light on for him, and then redress him in the obnoxiously difficult Spiderman jammies.

    This morning, I woke up feeling like a zombie. He, on the other hand, meanwhile, looked like this:


    So why do I do this? Why do I fall for it? Ah yes, that’s right: because he’s cute. And it won’t last forever. And I will miss it.

    I guess my bed has a vacancy again tonight.

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