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    The boy with the mustache

    Today is G’s last “official” day in the toddler room at daycare. Tomorrow is a staff day, and as of Monday G will be heading to the preschool group.

    Since I had suggested to Ms. J that the only way the kids move up is after growing facial hair, I thought it would only be fair (and a good way to lighten the mood) is if G showed his maturity and readiness by… you guessed it… growing a mustache. So after his diaper and clothes, I helped accelerate G’s facial hair follicle growth with some eye-liner.

    I gotta tell you, painting a mustache on a toddler is no easy task. His whiskers are far from even, and there was a tantrum involved. But, he looked awesome on the end and I think Ms. J got a kick out of it.

    Without further adieu here is my little Gomez Adams:

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    1. Wendy says:

      Love it!

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