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    The Boo-boo report

    I was in a meeting today, when my phone rang and G’s school-name came up on the caller ID. Normally I won’t step out of meetings to take a call, but since school calls are rare, and it wasn’t expected, I took the call. It went something like this:

    Teacher: Hi, this is C from NPC. I want you to know that G is ok.

    Me: Ooooh-kaaaaay

    C: I wanted to call and let you know that G lost his balance today while standing by one of the toys…

    Me: Uh huh

    C: … and he got a bruise. But he’s completely OK.

    Me: So it’s just a bruise?

    C: Oh yes, but he really is OK. I just wanted you to know for when you picked him up today.

    She sounded so apologetic, all the while reassuring me that my kid was OK.

    I want you to know that I appreciated the call, but as sweet as I find it, I also thought the whole exchange was hilarious. I mean, it was just a bruise… the first of many to be honest. G’s going to learn to walk in the next few months and with that will come bumps, bruises and face plants a’plenty. If they needed to call me each time he got scraped up, I will need to keep my line open with them non-stop 🙂
    I felt worse for the teacher than I did for G: I think she was taking it harder than I was. Still, awesome that they take this level of precaution and alertness.

    To boot there’s a “Boo-boo report” that needed to be signed at Pick Up, detailing the incident. A “Boo-boo report”!!!

    After hanging up the phone (and giggling to myself) I forgot all about it. I got wrapped up in my afternoon meetings and forgot to let S know about what happened. This was my bad, as S was the one that did pick-up today. As he arrived to get G, the teachers approached him with “So I guess you heard about G’s incident today?” only to hear “What incident?” on behalf of S. Yeah, oops!

    So yeah, here’s G sporting his first big Boo-boo and the really important “Ouch report”.

    The only thing that is unfortunate about this incident is that this week-end we’re taking G’s 1 Yr photos w/ Augie. I’m really excited about it. Apparently G is too as he decided to bring a shiner to the party. I guess I’ll have some PhotoShop work to do on the photos when we get them. Anyone  know if it’s OK to put concealer on a 1 year old?

    6 responses to “The Boo-boo report”

    1. Kelle says:

      dont photo shop out the booboo. you will want to remember this as part of his life. i was guilty at 1st of only recording the “good times” but quickly realizing that the bumps and bruises (and constant crying and hospital stays) are part of their life and are equally memorable. on another note, while it may be annoying for the daycare to call you each time an incident happens, be thankful that he is being well cared for! that is a blessing!
      HIS HAIR IS GETTING SO LONG! he has changed so much-i miss him terribly!~

    2. Grammie says:

      Oh my I trust S kissed the boo boo when he picked him up. I can’t wait to see him again, it will be a long 3 months and he will grow so much before I get back out there.

    3. Kirsten says:

      I agree with Kelle – keep the bruise. In 15 years you may forget about the “boo-boo reports”, but with those 1 year photos it will come back to you over the year.

    4. Alison says:

      That’s the same eye that Katie had hurt at daycare!

      Eye booboo twins!

    5. becoming-mom says:

      awww, poor G. I think the booboo reporst are so cute, we just get scary looking medical accident reports (but only I think if blood or a head injury). Can’t WAIT to see your auggie photos!

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