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    The BIG kitchen you say?

    G got a play-kitchen for his birthday (amongst a TON of other loot. Seriously, kid is set-up for the rest of his life with toys). He LOVES this thing. Honestly, he’s spent every waking moment at home, since Saturday, at the side of the kitchen. He makes me tea, washes all of his kitchen equipment (by trying to jam it all in his little sink), and uses his utensils as projectiles (note to self: a kiddie play fork flying across the room, still hurts).

    One side effect of this new toy? G wants to expand his culinary skills to bigger and more advanced pastures.

    Yesterday evening he figured out how to turn on our oven. We have already knobbed up our burners, but our oven requires a minimum of 2 button presses in a specific combination to turn on. Buttons that are on opposite ends of the panel, mind you. I felt “safe” that he wasn’t going to figure it out. And he hadn’t. Until last night. Joy!

    Luckily, Kitchenaid is on top of toddler curiosity, and has put a lock on the panel. We just discovered it last night. Now G is locked out of the oven baking for a while. Unfortunately, I think, so is anyone else who comes to our house and needs to cook (sorry Mom!). I genuinely think that safety gear locks out adults more than kids, but hey… at least no fires or gas alarms will go off in my home in the near future. I hope.

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